Life without a Mother

maxresdefaultMothers have a very vital position in our lives. Without mother there exists no life. We should give respect to her. Her prayers always make us a winning person. Truthfully, our mothers worked tough and made sacrifices, so our lives would be enhanced. So, why not thank her this Mother’s day for all her love and support.

Family is important part of everyone’s life. Life is so miserable without family. Parents are very precious gift of God for their children. Disgrace, bitterness, and wild were all the feelings you get  if you have to live without your family. Hate turned very speedily into violence.  Every kid needs her mother or somebody in their life rising up.

If a child losses his mother in young age, then it is more difficult for him to survive without his mother. He will notice the change in lots of vast and minor ways and he will see that each household member will have a dissimilar way of dealing with their misery.  It is very difficult time for him. When a mother or a father has died, the guardian left will also have a very tough time. It may feel that your bases have gone and you may feel detached and lonely. Life can never be the same as it was having mother. Mothers kept our family together. Absence of mother makes children emotionally weak. And they start missing their mother in every moment of their life. They might be unsure about going back to school after someone close to you has died. It may be particularly hard to live without your mother, having no care from people around you, once you were used to have from your mother. There are lots of memories and reminders of her in her child life that he is not able to forget easily. A child starts living in the world of doubt, insecurity, and fear. A child may feel like his roots have gone and he may feel very insulated and lonesome.

At some point in the heartbroken process, child will feel that the strength and concentration of his grief is falling, reducing and he will feel ready to move on his life, in spite of the loss of his mother. Positively, he will sleep well, start eating normally and start taking part in events and happening’s with his friends like he used to do. This is usual and encouraging for him, as when time flies, he is learning to adjust to his grief and life without either his mother or a father. He feels better about his belongings.

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