Mother– The most treasurable blessing on Earth

635700668825779149-1524547659_mother_104242619Mother is like a miracle for us. She always stays with us during the darkest days of our divine life, in the depths of our solitude. She is a valued gift and this is what makes every Mother’s Day more special.   Her remarkable character, her courage, her staying power, her ripeness, her strength of will inspires us always.

If one day someone asks me about my parents, I will just smile and say that not even any combination of all alphabets can describe my amazing parents, especially my mother. Those people are so greatly lucky in this world, which have their parents alive. Life without mother is so miserable, people are so lucky if they are living with their family, more especially with mother as she can do so much for her children to make them happy and healthy. They fulfill their children needs even when they become old.

Mother is a great gift from my lord. She is a symbol of love, care, warmth and affection. She takes away all over pressure and tautness. She explains us how to walk. She explains us to talk. She takes good care of us all. A mother’s love is something that is not explainable. It is purely made up of deep dedication, commitment and of sacrifice and pain. We cannot relate anyone with mother. There is no relationship better than this connection i.e. mother and child as there is no ego, no worries, no fears, no harsh approaches but the feeling of unconditional love, care and affection.

Always think about all the things which she expect from her children, that could be; Respect, obedience, care, good behavior, no disrespect when they scold ,good education, wisdom, success, good earning by fair means. These all are some limited and easy influences through which a Muslim can receive his ecstasy. One of the ways to make your mother happy is wordlessly and silently listen to her and follow her orders and should stay away from the stuffs she tell you to do so as she only prohibit her children for your betterment not for own her interest.

Mothers serve their whole life in good brought up of her families; they appreciate their language, needs when a kid could not even talk. She  sacrifice her own needs, requirements, thoughts and cravings for the sake of  providing secure and happy future to their children but in future what children give them in return, disrespect, disobedience, rudeness and behavior showing as they have no importance. This is the biggest misfortune for children if they behave like this. Parents are the most valuable gift and a shadow of safety for children from Allah. He has set such great responsibility to respect and be kind with parents.

Today everyone is very busy in their lives that they barely find time for their mother, they do not even reminisce the things she has done for them, to make their life charming, comfortable and relaxed. So why not take a few minutes of your life to choose a gift for your mother this Mother’s day?

A person should always remember the energies made by his mother and should give her utmost respect, care and caution to her, as she really deserves it.  Let her know that she means a lot to you in this whole world. Thank your mother this Mother’s day for all her love by sending Mother’s day gifts to Pakistan.